Radio Stories

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I’m a freelance reporter at KQED and KALW, the two NPR member station in San Francisco. I generally report short news spots that are turned around in a day for KQED, and much longer feature stories for KALW that air on the station’s news show “Crosscurrents.” The following represents a mix of my work, for more feel free to contact me.

Hundreds of Homeless Displaced as San Jose Dismantles the Jungle (Aired on KALW December 4th, 2014)


What Could Collapse the Golden Gate Bridge? (Aired on KALW September 18th, 2014)


Batkid Mania Takes Over San Francisco (newscast spot, aired on KQED November 5th, 2013)


 How Rudy Corpuz is Trying to Save the Hood (aired on KALW September 17th, 2014)


Finding a home on Hotel 22 (aired on KALW April 9th, 2014)

(A version of this story aired on the Marketplace Morning Report on April 15th)


Voices on the bus: the people who depend on AC Transit (aired on KALW January 27th, 2014)


Live interview on “The Takeaway” on San Francisco’s shuttle (aka “Google Bus”) regulations (aired nationally January 22nd, 2014)


Prospect of Second BART Walkout Worries Small Business Owners






A Brief History of the Bay Area’s $6.4 Billion Bridge (aired on KALW September 3, 2013)


Sky Cowboys: The Men Who Built the New Bay Bridge (aired on KALW August 21, 2013)


Citizens Solve Bike Theft Crimes with Social Media (aired on KALW April 18, 2013)


Ostriches and Other Memories from 18 Years on the Golden Gate Bridge (aired on KALW April 2nd, 2013)



Fighting Leukemia and Racial Inequality at the Same Time (aired on KALW February 13, 2013)


Peace and Quiet at the Mormon Temple (aired on KALW January 9, 2013)


Taxi Alternative Uber Faces Legal Hurdles (aired on KALW December 12, 2012)


NPR, Culver City, January 2012 – May 2012

I was an intern for NPR’s National Desk during the spring of my senior year at UCLA. I was a reporter and producer for Intern Edition, NPR’s intern-run multimedia news project. Unfortunately, NPR no longer runs this program and the websites have been discontinued.

Everything Will Be Okay: One Family’s Struggle with PTSD (this piece was featured in Intern Edition’s mulitmedia premiere show)

>> The story of a father’s battle with post-traumatic stress disorder and his incredible daughter’s determination to save him.


More Than A Team: Lacrosse in Downey, CA

>>A profile of a lacrosse team in a city east of L.A., where not many people know what the sport is. But playing on this team gives these kids a place to grow, a path to college, and a special kind of brotherhood.




KPCC, Pasadena, June 2011 – September 2011

I was a newsroom intern for KPCC the summer before my senior year at UCLA. This is my first story that ever aired. I pitched, reported, wrote, and produced it.

Operation Mend: Reconstructing Wounded Veterans (aired November 9th, 2011)

>> About a Operation Mend, a foundation that gives badly wounded veterans free reconstructive surgery. Many were disfigured by horrible burns, and had dozens surgeries to give them back their face. This story features two of the men from Operation Mend.